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Biostat® RM | Single-use Bioreactor

Biostat® RM is a mixing bioreactor compliant with GMP guidelines. It is used with Flexsafe® RM disposable bags and covers work with a wide range of different cell lines including CHO, HEK293, stem cells and CAR-T cells. Biostat® RM is particularly suitable for working with shear-sensitive cell lines and bioconjugates. The modular concept of the Biostat® RM portfolio, ranging from 2 L to 200 L, provides the flexibility to manage your individual process needs.
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Platform Components

A Biostat® RM System Consists of Three Elements: Control Tower, Rocker & Flexsafe® RM Bags

Control tower

Flexibility in process set up

Provides and maintains necessary cultivation conditions, e.g. pressure, temperature, gassing, rocking angle and biocapacitance.  

  • Control tower fulfills commercial manufacturing norms and regulations, such EN 60204, EN61010, IP 54, CE and UL
  • Validated usability in the clean room environment (VHP)
  • Possibility to interface to SCADA and DCS systems


Modular solution for work flexibility

One rocker platform can be used either with a 20 L or 50 L tray, as well there is a separate 200 L platform. Working volumes range from 100 ml and up to 100 L with Flexsafe® RM bags (e.g., basic, optical, or perfusion configurations)

  • Biostat RM® Rockers are available in different versions: Biostat® RM 20|50 or Biostat® RM 200
  • wave-motion provides optimal environment for suspension cell culture.
  • monitors the fill level of bag precisely, even during rocking​
  • space-saving

Single-use Bags

Proven for a broad range of different cell lines

Sterile cultivation chamber for various cell lines with multiple build-in control measurements for proper growth conditions

  • One Flexsafe® film through whole production process for simplification of product validation
  • Optical bags with single-use pH, DO and viable biomass sensors
  • Perfusion bags with integrated perfusion membrane or ATF port

Sensors & Analyzers

Precise process control for better parameter definition

The advanced analytics that are a part of the Biostat® RM portfolio ensure defined parameters are met throughout setup and scale up for tight process control.

  • achieve advanced parameter definition through unique off-the-shelf Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and control
  • Leverage the broad solution of single-use sensors, such as pH, DO, capacitance and conductivity, with BioPAT® Viamass or glucose and lactate with BioPAT® Trace

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