Filteri za viruse

Virus filters for robust and efficient removal of small non-enveloped and large enveloped viruses in biopharmaceutical applications. Virus filtration with Virosart® CPV is an integral part of the orthogonal virus clearance technology platform at Sartorius Stedim Biotech. This orthogonal virus filter technology platform features virus filtration, virus inactivation and virus adsorption.

Virosart® CPV provides highest viral safety to the biopharmaceutical product. This filter retains more than 4 log10 of small nonenveloped viruses (PPV or MVM) and more than 6 log10 of large enveloped viruses (e.g. MuLV). Based on the unique double layer 20 nm PESU membrane, Virosart® CPV provides excellent flow rates and superior capacity. This filter offers highest viral safety over the entire flow decay profile of up to 90%.


Scale down work is being realised using the Virosart® CPV Minisart (5 cm2 capsule) to enable filtration work for flow and capacity studies as well as for GLP virus spiking studies. Scale up studies are being performed using this capsules size 9 with filter area of 2.000 cm2 to reliably scale up into larger scale manufacturing. Typical batch sizes of products being subject to nanofiltration with this Virosart® CPV capsule size 9 are 5 to 50 liter.

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