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Name of the project

"Commercialization of myScal solution for digitalization and automation of precise industrial and laboratory calibration procedures" project code KK.

Short project description

MyScal is a unique software solution for digitizing and automating calibration procedures of balances, weights and pipettes, i.e. calibration of measuring devices and standards. The idea of the solution was created as a result of the internal needs of the Sartorius Croatia laboratory and the development strategy is based on selling it to other laboratories and external users who use the laboratory's services, therefore it must be simple and intuitive for the laboratory staff (laboratory manager, QM, measurers) but also other users. MyScal is a tool that is needed so that measuring instruments, as the basis of accuracy and quality, can be monitored and used in every segment, from research and development to the production of medicines, food, chemical products, medicine and technology. MyScal enables connection with all laboratory equipment via ethernet communication. Communication with the database is done through the application programming interface (API). The Web API is responsible for saving, retrieving and additional processing of data from the database.

Unlike current software solutions that do not allow data to be directly downloaded from the measuring device, the innovative software solution provides a high degree of automation and digitization using e-documents. All readings have the possibility of manual entry/correction. MyScal provides the user with analytical data on measuring instruments and evaluates their criticality and monitors the life path of the processes in which they are involved. The software solution is available in English and German and users will be able to enter text and create their shortcuts in the language of their choice. MyScal is a security tool that speeds up work, raises quality and ensures that everyone in the measurement chain is sure that traceability is completely at the highest level, thus enabling greater profitability and reducing the risk of errors.

The myScal software solution will be commercialized in the form of:

  1. myScal Lab and myScal Industry
  2. myScal calibration service

The successful implementation of the project has a number of impacts on the development of the overall economy due to the following facts:

  • leads to an increase in competition and an increase in the efficiency of the economy;
  • affects price stability and forces large companies to make market and production changes;
  • it is an important means of technological development;
  • initiates new employment and restructuring of the economy;
  • increases the social and economic mobility of the population;
  • encourages the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • encourages the activities of accelerators, venture capital funds and private investors.

The successful realization of the project will have a contribution to the users of the innovative solution, the industry, the calibration laboratories and the research community. When it comes to industry, the project has the most significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry, that is, the drug industry, where there are many standards, regulations, reports and requirements of competent institutions. The life cycle of drugs as major pharmaceutical products is complex. A large number of supporting industries are continuously involved in the pharmaceutical industry, starting from basic (preclinical) and clinical research, through production and sales to product management after the patent expires. Their equipment for measuring the composition of drugs or substances and materials requires a high level of precision and ultimately the diagnosis and treatment of patients depends on the composition of the product. It is evident from the above that the project contributes to solving one of the key social challenges, namely the health and quality of life of people.

Objectives and expected results of the project

The goal of the project is the commercialization of an innovative software solution for digitizing and automating calibration procedures of balances, weights and pipettes and the development strategy is based on sales to laboratories and external users who normally use laboratory services and provision of calibration services. The solution was developed so that measuring instruments, as the basis of accuracy and quality, could be monitored and used in every segment - from research and development to the production of medicines, food, chemical products and other segments of the industry. With the subject project, the Applicant's business will be adapted to the commercialization of innovative products and calibration services, which will contribute to increased income and new employment.

The project will directly contribute to the achievement of indicators through:

  • business operations of the Applicant;
  • individual/business industry (laboratories, trade, pharmaceutical industry)
  • total economy

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (in HRK)

  • The total value of the project is HRK 3,620,066.32
  • The total value of the project (eligible costs) is HRK 3,331,662.06
  • The EU share in financing the project amounts to HRK 1,679,452.47

Project implementation period

01.01.2020. - 01.01.2022.

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