Data loggers and temperature monitoring

Monitoring the temperature using standard glass thermometers or USB-oriented solutions is often a time-consuming task. With the new Eupry data logger, monitoring environmental conditions is much more easier - there are no additional costs to install or maintain the software, downtime due to device calibration or manual recording of results that can result in human error. Focus on essential tasks and minimize the time required to comply with regulations.

Eupry data logger is a Danish solution for automated and continuous monitoring of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, differential pressure and carbon dioxide). It is used in refrigerators, freezers, incubators, storage rooms and cold chain. The main advantage of this device is that it allows completely worry-free and automated monitoring of conditions through online application, enables free SMS and e-mail alarms, connects wirelessly to your network and allows uninterrupted workflow regarding easy calibration and sensor replacement. > Learn more

What do our users say about the Eupry system?

In our premises, we have implemented the Eupry system for monitoring environmental conditions, which is a real refreshment in the Croatian market. We are delighted with the cooperation and ease of use of the device. All data is traceable and easy to follow and we are especially pleased with the fast calibration service that is also part of the service. Great product!

Dora Adanić, Chief Operating Officer at Genera Research Ltd

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