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Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma Kit

The Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma detection kit is especially designed for an easy and fast detection of mycoplasma in cell-based therapeutics like autologous chondrocyte transplants (ATMPs –advanced therapy medical products). Due to the short shelf life of these therapeutics, a fast result is needed. The PCR-technology makes it possible to reduce the time-to-result to only 3 hours.
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A fast detection of Mycoplasma contamination in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) is very important due to the short shelf life of this type of product. With the use of the Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma the testing time can be reduced from weeks to just 3 hours. Additionally, the utilization of a TaqMan® probe adds high specificity to the PCR system and minimizes the result interpretation. The Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma has been effectively validated according EP 2.6.7 in combination with EP 2.6.21 with respect to the detection limit for all listed Mycoplasma species, specificity and robustness for autologous cell transplants (e.g. chondrocytes).

The Microsart® ATMP Mycoplasma kit can be easily implemented because no specific hardware is needed.

The kit can be used with any type of real-time PCR cycler able to detect the fluorescence dyes FAM™ and ROX™. The kit contains all essential components in a function tested ready-to-use master mix including the polymerase.

Customer benefits:

  • fast results within 3 hours
  • easy to use
  • validated according EP 2.6.7 for ATMP`s

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