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Microsart® RESEARCH Mycoplasma Kit

The Microsart® RESEARCH Mycoplasma real-time PCR kit is optimized for fast and reliable direct screening of cell cultures, cell culture supernatants and media most applicable in research and development and in-process in biopharma.
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The Microsart® RESEARCH Mycoplasma real-time PCR kit is especially designed for fast and reliable Mycoplasma contamination control in cell cultures, cell culture supernatants and media most applicable in research and development, e.g. biotech and biopharmaceutical research and development, universities and governmental research groups or for in-process control during biopharmaceutical production processes. 2 µl sample material can be added directly to the PCR reaction tube without the need for any sample preparation. Nevertheless standard DNA isolation procedures can be done optional prior to the DNA amplification. The DNA can be amplified with the help of any qPCR cycler that is able to detect the dyes FAM ™and ROX™ and the evaluation can be performed with the standard cycler software. The use of TaqMan® probes adds specificity to the PCR detection system. Due to the high specificity no melting curve analysis is needed after the amplification steps.

Customer benefits:

  • fast results within less than 3 hours
  • easy to use
  • reliable screening with a small sample volume
  • cost saving

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