Installations and qualifications

Installations and qualifications - Sartorius Croatia


Our service technicians provide professional installation and commissioning services for your new devices. Accuracy of results and reduced risk of potential downtime are guaranteed because our team members take into account all variables, including environmental conditions that can significantly affect the operation of your device. We install your equipment in optimal places to ensure reliable tests and production results. During installation, our technicians can optionally provide basic device management and maintenance training, allowing your team to use instantly after installation.

Our advantages

  • outstanding performance and consistent results after initial setup
  • seamless integration of devices and systems into your production or laboratory environment
  • compliance with regulatory requirements (GLP/GMP)
  • professional and educated staff
  • detailed documentation and traceability of measurement results

Qualification (IQ/OQ)

Equipment qualification is an important factor in ensuring safety in the pharmaceutical industry. In a regulated environment, equipment is usually required to go through a qualification process, and our trained team of service professionals performs qualification services in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our advantages:

  • compliance with regulatory requirements (GLP / GMP)
  • focus on critical parts concerning quality
  • comprehensive documentation and certifications for easy integration into quality management systems
  • expertise and professionalism of staff