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Temperature Mapping in Temperature Controlled Environments

Temperature mapping of refrigeration equipment is the process that is carried out to prove that the equipment meets the criteria set by authorities and auditors for the equipment and to locate hot and cold zones. In other words, a temperature mapping study documents that the equipment maintains temperatures within defined limits at all times. This is especially important to test and document before new equipment is used for storing temperature-sensitive goods in GxP-regulated industries.

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Inside the refrigerator, the temperature can vary by several degrees. The temperature in your kitchen refrigerator can vary by as much as 5 degrees from top to bottom. The same applies to industrial refrigerators and freezers, which is the main reason for conducting a mapping study before using new equipment.

By using specific data loggers for temperature mapping, you will clearly understand whether the equipment meets the temperature requirements and which zones can be used for storage and which cannot.

How is a temperature mapping performed?

Performing temperature mapping of refrigeration equipment does not have to be complicated and time-consuming. Most importantly, the range and complexity match the equipment and what is stored in the equipment, so you don’t have to overdo it with temperature mapping if your processes don’t require it.

The most important elements of mapping are:

  1. Create a plan for the mapping study
  2. Check the documentation of the measuring equipment
  3. Set up your measuring equipment
  4. Collect mapping data
  5. Document and evaluate results

Temperature mapping

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Save time with the easy-to-use Eupry mapping kit with accredited DANAK ISO17025 calibration and 21 CFR PART 11. Refrigeration equipment temperature mapping is an important process when testing whether your equipment is working properly.

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Mobile Box

Practical mobile box with the number of data loggers (temperature sensors) needed.

Base Station & Batteries

A wireless base station and extra batteries for the temperature data loggers.


All temperature data loggers are START calibrated, and an END calibration is performed.